About us

CAMA Copenhagen was founded in 2015. We got our first child in 2014 and just missed a good changing bag when we were out and about. We sat down and focused on function, quality, timeless- & scandinavian design, appealing to both dads and moms. As we grow we continuously improve and expand our product line, trying to make your life as a parent easier and more stylish. 

We are Camilla & Marco, we are young parents on the move and we're the founders of CAMA Copenhagen.

The idea for Cama Copenhagen was conceived at gate A20, in Copenhagen airport. As new parents who love to travel, we were always on the lookout for smart products to make life with children easier. As our changing bag came apart on the way through the boarding gate, everyone waiting for us to pick up all our stuff off the floor, we realized the bag we had chosen didn't fall into that category.

On the flight we started to talk about which other choices we had available and came to the conclusion that none of them fulfilled all our needs.

With our experience in the child apparel industry, project management, architecture and the aviation industry, we decided to come up with our own take on a mobile changing table, which allows you to have everything you need and still look good at the same time. 

Our vision is for our products to give parents a helping hand wether it be while traveling or just in the everyday activities, through smart and tested solutions. We always try to have the environment, the kids and the parents best interests in mind, and that means we try our best to work with organic and tested materials. CAMA looks forward to being a part of many families in the future!